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*** - Поехать согласилась только крыша — ЖЖ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Наталья Резник

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*** [апр. 29, 2013|12:28 pm]
Наталья Резник
[Tags|, ]

Have you ever thought of yourself as nothing,

A creature not worth crawling the face of the Earth,

Have you ever thought of yourself as something

That came from turf and is returning to turf.

If so, then tell me, how do you do it -

all this stuff -

meeting, flirting, and dating,

telling words of love to your mere mate,

tell me, because, God knows, I am waiting,

and God knows, I only have so much time to wait.

[User Picture]From: stiho_pletka
2013-04-30 02:23 pm
Thank you, Lena.
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